We supply Melbourne and surrounds and most of Victoria with venison, emu, camel, buffalo, kangaroo, wild boar, wallaby, rabbit, duck and game birds


Recipes for Your Game Meat!

General Hints on cooking game meat:

Game meat is very low in fat which means they can easily dry out during the cooking process:

Meat should be marinated for at least 15 minutes prior to cooking. Quickly turn the meat over to ensure all sides are seared - this will seal the meat and prevent moisture loss

Do not add salt to meat prior to cooking as it will draw out the juices, prevent browning and result in dry meat.

After cooking meat it should be covered with foil and rested for 5-10 minutes

Allow approx 150g of meat for a main course serving and 80g for an entree

VENISON RECIPE: Venison Loin Medallions with Espagnole Sauce


500gms Venison Denver Saddle (strip loin)
1 tablesp olive oil
Dry Venison well with paper towels. Heat oil in heavy based pan over high heat and sear Venison on all sides until browned.

Reduce heat very slightly and cook for 15-20 minutes, turning frequently, or place in oven, preheated to 200°C, for 15-20 minutes. Rest for 15-20 minutes then slice into 1.5cm slices across the grain, arrange on warmed plates with espagnole sauce. Serve with steamed vegetables in season.

Espagnole Sauce

1 tablesp butter
1 carrot chopped
½ cup sliced mushrooms
1 clove and 4 pepper corns, bay leaf, 1 stalk of parsley and spray of thyme
1 tablesp finely chopped ham or bacon
2 tablesp flour
¼ cup sherry
1 litre beef stock
1 tablesp tomato puree
Melt butter in pan and fry the ham for 2 min. Add the vegetables, herbs and spices and fry for 5 minutes. Add the flour and allow to brown. Gradually add sherry, stock and puree. Stir until smooth, reduce heat and simmer for 45mins.

Remove herbs and spices, puree sauce and strain before serving.