We supply Melbourne and surrounds and most of Victoria with venison, emu, camel, buffalo, kangaroo, wild boar, wallaby, rabbit, duck and game birds


Kangaroo Meat is a superb healthy Red Meat choice.

Kangaroo meat is free of contaminants; it is a lean flesh, low in cholesterol, yet high in protein, iron and zinc, with a slightly gamey taste. With less than 2% fat, Kangaroo is a healthy red meat selection, enjoyed locally here in Australia and becoming increasingly popular in many overseas markets.

There have been numerous nutrional studies undertaken on Kangaroo meat showing its high dietary values. Research of Clare Engelke made at the University of Western Australia shows that kangaroo meat may be the highest known source of the healthy fat CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), which possesses potential anticarcinogenic and anti-diabetes properties, in addition to reducing obesity and atherosclerosis:
Kangaroos can have as much as five times more CLA in their fat than ruminants.

CLA has been shown to reduce obesity and heart disease, and to have anti-carcinogenic properties: As cited in a CSIRO Media Release entitled: Kangaroo meat - health secret revealed. (ref 2004/67 - April, 2004):

Kangaroo meat is ideal for maintaining a balanced diet. Its nutritional benefits in comparison to the other meat products are shown below: (Source: Food GL & Fogerty AC. 1982. The fatty acids of kangaroo and wallaby meat.CSIRO Food Research Quarterly, 42, 57-61).

So please be assured Yarra Valley Game Meats supplies Kangaroo meat that complies with handling and hygiene regulations set by federal government. Kangaroo wild harvesting is government controlled with all kangaroo meat for human consumption harvested from primary producing properties in some areas of New South Wales and Queensland. No Kangaroos are harvested from Victoria for human consumption.