We supply Melbourne and surrounds and most of Victoria with venison, emu, camel, buffalo, kangaroo, wild boar, wallaby, rabbit, duck and game birds

Game Birds, Rabbit and Hare


Pheasant Equivalents: One large pheasant , around 1.5 kg tend to be more flavourful than chicken. One pheasant can serve two people. Pheasants are lean, so bard them before roasting. Substitutes: guinea fowl OR Cornish game hens OR chicken (moister, not as gamey) OR grouse OR chukar OR pigeon.

Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowl is similar size to chicken, and can taste like pheasant. It is very lean so when cooking it is best to use cooking methods that will help it to stay moist. Perhaps using an oven bag, or rubbing it with oil, marinating it is another way to keep the juices in. Oranges, prunes, raisins, pineapple, or herbs such as thyme, sage, and bay leaves, are just some of the varied ingredients that work wonderfully well with the Guinea Fowl.


Emu is the meat of the 21st century. Emu meat is low in fat (2%), low in calories (150 per 100g serve), high in protein (25%) and high in iron. Be amongst the 'new' connoisseurs to experience the distinctive slightly game flavour of Australian Emu meat.

Fillets (flat / fan)
Steak / Small fillets


Poussin (pronunciation: poo-SAN) is also known as Spatchcock or Spring Chicken, is a young single serve bird that has been bred for you to enjoy a quality eating experience. A poussin is a very young chicken, is lean, extremely tender with a very delicate succulent flavour.

Rabbit and Hare

We supply large Australian-farmed rabbits ( > 1.5 kg), and whole wild rabbits and wild hare.

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